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Is your Mind Playing Tricks on your Weight Loss Goals?

We get many emails weekly from people who are saying they have issues with staying on track, losing weight, feeling great. I think a majority of the time we are thinking about what we are eating, what we are doing for activity but one of the most powerful tools you can have is controlling your mind.

Diana and I are Top Pro Level competitors, every year starting in early summer we start prepping for our competition which is generally 8-12 weeks away from start date. The toughest part is not the workouts or even the diet but controlling your mind and staying disciplined enough to get our bodies to a top level. The minute you wake up in the morning you see things that can be tempting, the latest commercial showing a new sandwich at your favorite restaurant, watching a talk show and they are teaching you how to make the best snicker doodle, watching the guy from Man vs. Food throw down 10000 calories in 45 minutes. It’s everywhere and your mind will come into play and tell you “awe one cookie won’t hurt”. It’s not the one cookie that hurts it’s the rest of the bag you ate because you had the one and caved in. Negatives are typically always followed by other negatives. Yes we battle this too but never will make it an excuse on to why we failed; we failed because we allowed our mind to play trick on us.

Emotional Eaters is a phrase we hear quite often. I was stressed out so I ate pizza, I was having a bad day so I decided to eat a whole cake, why are you sabotaging yourself daily? Your mind is taking over and causing you to continue the patterns you feel are helping cope with the issue instead of just dealing with it. When you get down, stressed , have a bad day, do something productive, then go have a full healthy meal. Remember tomorrow is a new day and you have control of how you want to make it.

Over the course of our life, our senses and our environment come together to enrich our mind, and to sometimes overwhelm our mind. Much of the knowledge we acquire comes to us through our senses. As children, we use the senses daily to absorb as much as possible. The mind is a voraciously hungry, empty den when we are young.

As we age, we depend greatly upon our senses to inform us about the world around us; hot, cold, sweet, sour, bitter, loud, soft, so many of our perceptions and actions begin with input from our five senses. There is another sense that isn’t given much attention, thanks to the fact that it is centered within our body, not on the outside. But, if used properly, provides us with as much valuable information as the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.

Our intuition is our sixth sense. It refers to the ability to tune into the unseen world of sensing. All the other senses require a physical origin of input; our intuition does not. It requires not physical presence of an object in order for us to obtain information about the object. Thanks to the fact that we live in a materialistic world, and that most of our knowledge is dominated by the western traditions and beliefs, our ability to use our intuition is a lost art.

The eastern cultures have long used the sense of intuition and the flow of the body’s natural energies to utilize the intuitive information available. The western civilizations are slow to realize the role our intuition can play in our overall health, just because it is not a “seen” source of input.

Often, our mind can seemingly play tricks on our sensory perceptions, when we fail to utilize all aspects of the six senses, we often miss some piece of the puzzle, and what seems to be complete and correct, if often lacking.

There are at times physical conditions that cause our senses to operate incorrectly, and we don’t process the information correctly. This happens when we are functioning at less than optimum levels. Often this occurs during times of sickness, extreme fatigue, or due to a lack of sleep. It is at this point, that we believe our mind to play tricks on us. We believe we are receiving certain input, and in all actuality, we are not.

This is why keeping our bodies well, fit, and healthy keeps us in a reception mode to accurately process input from the outside world. It is through this accurate perception of intake that we are able to deal effectively with the world around us. All this culminates to come to this statement: in order to keep ourselves healthy and well, we must be able to accurately process input from the world around us. It is when we lose perspective, and don’t accurately “see” things as they really are that we are more likely to experience feelings of ill-health, mental unrest, and this can lead to actually becoming ill.

Our overall wellness depends upon our ability to not only cope with our selves, but to perceive reality as it really is.

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