Balloon Weight Loss | Does Balloon Weight Loss Work?

So the Latest Weight Loss Craze is Being Tested right now to be released to the public soon. Its called Ballooning ( Drs call it Gastric Balloon System). You swallow a capsule that once it gets to your stomach dissolves and releases a balloon. This balloon takes up space in your stomach with the expectation of reminding the person that they are full. Up to 3 balloons can be inserted. They last about 6 months then removed.

As someone who has spent nearly half of his lifetime trying to help others reach their fitness and health goals seeing stuff like this makes me upset.

Are you kidding me, Balloon Weight Loss?

You are going to read this and think.. Thats crazy.. what is sad is people will do it, lots of people, because the drs promoting these things will tell them it is a good idea. They followed one lady testing it that lost about 9 lbs fairly quickly ( 9lbs of what we do not know, was it water, muscle, fat?), then during the holidays gained 4 lbs back, even with those balloons. The balloons are simply a reminder to make you feel more full, they do not prevent you from eating bad foods, ect. They mention that after the 6 months they are not sure if people will gain the weight back. I am going to answer that question for them. If they have not changed their lifestyle, nutrition and are moving more then yes they will gain the weight back and in many cases will end up weighting more than they did when they started.

Just stop with all the bogus Weight Loss Quick Fixes and Own up to the fact that we have to work hard, we have to eat right and we have to live a good lifestyle if we want lasting results. This is not about being a fitness model or a bikini model, this is about being healthy for you and your family.

Quick Fixes lead to Quick Failures.. So when you think or see the words FAST or Quick when paired with weight loss then you need to associate it with Long term FAILURE, cause if you are not learning a lifestyle, how do you expect to keep it a lifetime?. 99% of the time the companies that are using those words are more interested in your money then your success so they will tell you whatever it takes to get your money, even if it is bogus or unhealthy. This is the world we have to fight against everyday in our line of work, its constant deconstruction of what the media and so called experts are telling people to do. Its frustrating because millions of people get scammed.

At the end of the day it comes down to YOU. You have to want it, you have to make good choices and you have to live it!! That formula will make you successful.

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