Top 3 Simple And Healthy Dinners You Will Love

Planning a healthy meal really isn’t as hard as it seems. Planning your meals regularly can help you avoid making unhealthy choices, simply because they are quick and convenient. Instead, you can opt for a meal that will provide you with tons of energy and nutrition. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite quick and easy dinner recipes for you to enjoy. Forget that expensive fast-food restaurant on the way home, throw out that sodium-infused frozen pizza, and let’s get cooking!


How good does it feel to eat healthy?

There’s nothing quite like that refreshed feeling you experience when you’re consistently eating healthy food. You can practically feel your body thanking you for powering it with a proper diet. Tons of energy, weight maintenance, and clear skin; the list of benefits go on and on!

When you do your grocery shopping for the week, you should always arrive prepared. By planning recipes, you can go grocery shopping ready to buy specific foods to create those healthy meals throughout the week. You’ll have a better idea of the exact items you need to buy and the right amount.

Eating healthy regularly can have a wide array of benefits. From an improvement in your overall health and weight maintenance to helping your body fight illness and prevent diseases, the list goes on! Eating healthy at dinner time is a huge part of that healthy lifestyle you’re working so hard to achieve. Simply because it’s such a big meal, and it’s the perfect opportunity to teach your family about healthy living.

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite simple recipes!


You can enjoy a gorgeous cut of steak along with crispy roasted potatoes and crunchy green beans! Steak is full of protein, which can help your body build and repair muscle tissue. Coming in hot at 344 calories, it won’t be long before this healthy recipe makes its way into your weekly dinner plans.


After a while, it can get so boring to eat the same meals over and over. Why not spice up your week with this simple and spicy Thai red chicken curry recipe? Enjoy the savory flavors of chicken, peppers, garlic, cilantro, and bamboo that you love, cooked in a zesty curry sauce. Bamboo can help aid weight loss and lower cholesterol, and not to mention it’s high in protein and lots of other vitamins and nutrients.


Don’t succumb to the temptations of an unhealthy, high-calorie pasta. With recipes like this healthy bacon penne pasta, you can curb your cheesy, saucy cravings, but without all the unhealthy repercussions. Tasty spinach is cooked into this flavorful pasta dish, making it a great source of protein, fiber, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals! Not to mention it only takes 35 minutes to make, which is quicker than most pizza delivery services.

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