How to Get Muscle That Extends Your Life

Fact: The more muscle you have, the longer you live. How do you get that muscle that extends your life? Smart weight lifting.

Focus on:
  • exercises that are performed in the standing position over the seated position
  • exercises that target the muscles responsible for improving balance and stability
  • exercise that is safe meaning low impact verses high impact
Below are a few facts about some of your favorite recommended exercises that can help you live longer:

Swimming – does not improve bone density, it does help build muscle and with little to no impact thus safely.

Yoga – low impact, low risk method of building muscle, strength, balance, flexibility and stability. Better still, it offers bone building qualities that make it perfect for strengthening your muscles and your bones.

Pilates – another great form of muscle and bone building exercise that can be modified for all ages and abilities.

Cycling – a great, low impact method of exercise and you don’t need to worry about falling!

Gentle weight lifting and /or resistance bands – recommended. Supervised classes taught by skilled Exercise Physiologists are recommended to gently stress the bones to strengthen them as well as the muscles to protect the joints and help with fall prevention.

When you don’t have time to do any of the above, just walk. Walking 10,000 steps/day has been proven to decrease the risk of death by 46% as compared to sedentary people.

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